Information and Rules


Printable Information and Rules

Morning Auditions—Broomfield United Methodist Church, 545 W. 10th Ave.
Afternoon Competition and Awards—Broomfield United Methodist Church (Chapel), 545 W. 10th Ave.
Parking:For BUMC parking, use the lots south and west of the church off of 10th Ave. or Emerald St.

Morning Auditions—BUMC classrooms

  • Enter the church through the double doors on the west side of the building near the northwest parking lot.
  • Signs will direct you to the information table.
  • Check in at the information table.
  • There will be a waiting area provided in the lobby area outside the Chapel.  Students may go to the audition area 5 minutes before their audition time. Only teachers and students are allowed in the audition area (NO PARENTS, PLEASE!)  Following their audition, students should immediately leave the audition area.  Teachers, please be quiet in the audition area.
  • Students should return to the waiting area to pick up their personal belongings. Remember to come back for some light refreshments and the announcement of the afternoon audition finalists between 12:15 – 12:30 pm.  This will take place in the lobby outside the Sanctuary (not outside the Chapel.)

Afternoon Competition Finals and Awards—BUMC Chapel

  • The competitive event in the afternoon will take place in the Chapel. Each participant and teacher will be given free admission to this event.  Tickets for all others attending will be $10 for adults, and $8 for seniors over 55 and students under 18 years of age.  Upon payment, your hand will be stamped, and you may attend as many of the afternoon programs as you wish.
  • The afternoon competition will run approximately as follows:

Division I (5th & 6th grade):1:00 pm – 1:45 pm
Division II (7th & 8th grade):2:00 pm – 2:45 pm
Division III (9th & 10th grade):3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
Division IV (11th & 12th grade):4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Each student will play ONE of the three pieces played during the morning auditions.  At the end of each division, the judges will deliberate, winners will be announced and trophies presented.

  • Anyone is invited (and encouraged!) to attend the afternoon competition!  Please invite family, friends, neighbors, etc., to this excellent event.


Rules for the Broomfield Piano Festival

The following rules are in effect for the 2015 Broomfield Piano Festival.  These rules were adopted by the Broomfield Music Teachers Association to ensure that the Festival runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  Failure to comply with these rules could result in the participant being disqualified.

  • Eligibility

At least ONE of the following requirements must be met:

    • The student resides within the Broomfield city limits.
    • The student attends a school within the Broomfield city limits.
    • The student currently studies with a member of BMTA.
  • Teacher Requirements:  Any teacher entering a student in the festival MUST fulfill a responsibility either before or on the day of the festival. The responsibility will be determined by the piano division chairman.  No substitutions are allowed.  BMTA teachers must pay a fee of $25.00; non-member teachers, a fee of $50.00.  All fees are due at or before the 1/8/15 meeting of BMTA; or the fees and forms can be submitted up until 1/22/14 with a $20 late fee per late entry.
  • Time Limits:  All time limits will be strictly enforced.  Any student who goes over the time limit for his/her division will be disqualified. The time limits are as follows:

Division I – 9 minutes (5th & 6th grades)
Division II – 11 minutes (7th & 8th grades)
Division III – 13 minutes (9th & 10th grades)
Division IV – 15 minutes (11th & 12th grades)

  • Competition Category:  The student must play 3 memorized pieces, each representing a different historical period:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern (1900-1969), or Contemporary (1970-present). Multi-movement pieces are acceptable, counting as one piece. Composers whose works are in the style of the above periods may be used for authentic historical pieces if approved by the Repertoire Standards Committee.  Only original keyboard works may be performed.  Arrangements or transcriptions are not acceptable.
  • Any student winning First Place in his/her division must move up to the next higher division the following year.  If this results in a student competing in a division higher than the one he/she would normally be in and that student again wins First Place, that student will not be required to move up a second time.
  • Evaluation Category:The above requirements apply with the following exceptions:
    • Memorization of the pieces is not required.
    • The student may choose to play either 2 or 3 pieces.
  • Repertoire Submission and Changes:  All repertoire will be submitted on Critique sheets with the other entry forms.  These Critique sheets will be given to the judges.  Any student wishing to change their repertoire after submitted, must submit the changes to the Festival Chair, who will ask the Repertoire Committee for their approval.  NO changes in repertoire will be allowed after February 15; however, dropping one piece and changing the student’s status to the evaluation category will be allowed up until the day of the festival, with no approval required.
  • Printed Music Requirements:  All music must have each measure numbered for the judges.  Please also mark the page that each piece begins on with a tab or paper clip. Photocopies of copyrighted music are NOT allowed, and will result in immediate disqualification.  However, out-of-print music may be photocopied (please supply letter of permission), and free downloads of music in the public domain will be allowed with the website visibly printed on the music.  In addition, downloaded music that has been purchased will also be accepted.  Again, the website should be visibly on the music, or you may attach a copy of your receipt. 
  • Additional Guidelines:  All decisions by the judges are final.  Questions or comments about the Festival are to be discussed with the student’s teacher only. The teacher will then decide whether the matter needs to be further addressed by the Piano Festival Chairman or by the BMTA President.
  • Small children can be a distraction to the students, the judges and the audience during the auditions. Please make arrangements for childcare for small children.