Broomfield Piano Festival

Finalist Announcements

Afternoon Final Round Programs (scroll right-to-left for later rounds)

The Broomfield Piano Festival is Broomfield’s premier event for aspiring young pianists. For over 40 years, student winners have received cash prizes and the opportunity to perform in public, as well as invaluable feedback from esteemed pianists in our community who serve as judges.

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024
Location: Lutheran Church of Hope (1305 W. 10th Ave, Broomfield)
Student Registration Fee: $40

At least ONE of the following requirements must be met: The student resides within the Broomfield city limits. The student attends a school within the Broomfield city limits. The student currently studies with a member of BMTA.

2023 Piano Festival Information and Rules

All fees are due by 1/15/23. Register online at
Payment should go directly to the teacher.