Marvelous Musicales

Dates: October 30, 2021 – February 19, 2022 – April 16, 2022

Marvelous Musicales provide and opportunity for music students of all ages to perform on Broomfield Auditorium stage and utilize the Audi’s grand piano, either by piano solo performance or accompaniment.  If last year is any indication, a wide range of solo instruments, singers and pianists will perform this season.  Folk, jazz, classical and contemporary music are welcome along with musical theater.  Musicales are held three times a season, in October, February and April on Saturday in the afternoon.

  • Regarding all communications for MARVELOUS MUSICALES, contact Christina Lynn-Craig:  
  • Registration is on a   first registered basis,  and may be  no later than  ‘2 full weeks’ before the performance.   Our performances are held in February,  April, & October annually.
  • Teachers may register a maximum of 3 students per Musicale.
  • We are unable to accept a Set of Drums, special Dance Floors, and some other requests.
  • If you need, or wish to cancel,  a full 2 weeks is required.
  • You need to be in the Auditorium NO LATER than 15 minutes before the Marvelous Musicales is due to start.
  • If you want to take photos of your Performer on the stage, please do so between 3-4 PM.
  • If you are unable to remain in the Auditorium till 5:15 PM, please do register for a different Marvelous Musicales.  Registration means you are committed to stay & enjoy the full performance.  We are all so grateful to be able to rent this Auditorium for these Recitals, plus have a nice tuned piano on which to perform.
  • Recitals are not canceled.  Should this happen in very unusual circumstances, the person who registered you will be sent an email at least 4 hours before the Recital is due to take please.
  • Be sure to include the student’s name.
  • Contact phone number
  • Title of piece(s) to be performed.
  • Approximate timing of piece(s) – limited to 3 minutes total with exceptions for ensembles.
  • Composer’s name
  • Difficulty level

Thank you for Registering and Participating in our “Gift” of the Marvelous Musicales, created  by Christina Lynn-Craig, who constantly works for the Community of Broomfield.